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This page last updated Saturday, October 30, 2004 01:04 AM

 Want to replace your locking tool box with a Willie & Max bag?
Check out what Marc Larose did to his 1995 VN750.

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 21:47:11 -0500
Subject: 750 rear bag

Got my WM rear bag mounted.
Let me *try* to explain how it goes. :)


Remove the rear box, remove the lower part with the reflector from the box,
will no longer need, as well as the lock cover outer plate. (break off if not
already :) .  Take the upper box and turn it around and press it back in, so
you can see where you will need to cut some of it out.. (dremel)... Cut it down
and around it so it sits IN flush with the metal sissy bar.. Make sure the
holes are still lined up through the box,  the metal bracket across the
sissy bar, and into the Mustang Wide Nostalgic.

Use some threaded stock, the same size as the seat bolts, push them through
the reversed box you have cut to fit and the metal sissy bar holes and screw
into the seat holes - careful not too far - press deep into the seat for
feel...  Mark the threaded stock outside the box and WELD a nut to the stock
at that point.. Tighten it up...  At this point you will have a good seat
mount through the reversed cut down box, through the metal sissy bar bracket
into the seat.

You should still have about 3 to 4" of threaded stock sticking out to work with,
makes it easier for the next step.

Take some stiff cardboard for a jig and and cut to fit inside the bag,
back and sides, makes a U shaped piece - no bottom or front.... Just a little
lower on the 3 sides works better... I used 1/8" Plexiglas to make the insert
from the cardboard jig.  Use the cardboard jig and cut the Plexi to size..
For the side bends:   I dremeled just a bit into the bend lines, then took a small
propane torch and heated the bend lines as I slowly bent them in... Best to leave
them sticking out a little so they will square up with the bag...

Insert the u-shaped plexi into the bag and place it up against the threaded
stock to the welded nuts (this is where I put an aluminum plate outside the
welded nuts, against the back of the bag)..

Look into the bag and behind it to size up your holes... Center the bag top
to bottom...... Look inside the bag, and mark/cut the threaded stock so as
to leave enough to double nut, or lock washer and acorn nuts.
and drill/dremel through the bag and plexi insert so the bag sits
level/square with your already set seat mount..

As always, measure twice, cut once...
The 1/8" plexi looks/works good, but might be too thin.
The bends are crucial, as too much heat can weaken,
they might snap if pressed hard from the sides. So far no probs.

This WM  (Willie&Max)  rear bag matches the WM compact/slanted/studded side
bags we have and it, combined with the Mustang WN, studded/conchos, looks

Marc.   V  1083
95  750

Now that's a sharp looking 750!
You can contact Marc with any questions by clicking on his e-mail link at the top of this page.